Moody Monday

It’s cloudy, rainy and decidedly fall-ish today. For most people, the combination of dreary weather on a Monday is probably the death of their productivity, but I love cloudy, overcast days and tend to get so much more accomplished than on a regular ol' day. I’m not sure what exactly steels my focus on gray days, maybe it’s the reassurance that I’m not missing anything by sitting in an office instead of frolicking in sunshine, maybe it’s the lack of interruptions because no one else is out and about frolicking in sunshine either. Whatever the case, I’m taking advantage of today to get rolling on several projects and jump start my week.

Some of the things I’m digging this week:

This dreamy, watercolor-inspired line of fabrics by Romo. 

This geometric print for an upcoming client project. I love how the combo of gray and orange feels a little retro yet completely modern at the same time.

Along those same geometric lines, this gorgeous mosaic is calling my name. Apparently, it knows of my weakness for mirrored and marbled tile.

This mixed metal dining room – with a hat tip to the Jonathan Adler vase to boot.

Finally, this song which I’ve been listening to on repeat for months now. It seems only appropriate to listen to a song called “Seasons” as the seasons are changing. It is the perfect blend of sweetness and angst, and just as moody as a cloudy day.

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